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American Bright Lighting Expands successful IngeniLink™ under cabinet systems.

12CHINO, Calif. February 25, 2016— American Bright Lighting, Inc. announced its new patented, IngeniLink™ Series LED under cabinet fixtures. American Bright’s IngeniLink™ Series represents the most versatile, modular solution for under cabinet lighting available on the market today. This innovative and Earth-friendly lighting solution outperforms the competition on all fronts: lower energy costs, higher quality light and virtually maintenance free. Available in consumer friendly 3,000 K or 4,000 K color temperatures and standard cabinet lengths (12, 18 and 24-inch) meet the needs of all standard installations. The IngeniLink™ is fully dimmable and includes an integrated dimmer switch. You can link up to 6 IngeniLink™ modules per run without having to add drivers, repeaters or extra power drops. This innovation lowers installation time and cost.

The IngeniLink™ series ships complete with snap-in metal mounting brackets that can be surface mounted directly under the cabinets allowing for simple and flexible installation. Everything a consumer needs for installation is included. Employing a proprietary optical system that evenly distributes the light, the InginiLink™ uniformly delivers more than 600 lux to the work surface, which exceeds the minimum recommended luminance levels for most residential applications.

The new series provides up to 80 percent power savings over the commonly used under cabinet lighting solutions such as halogen, xenon and fluorescent technologies. The series is the industry’s most efficient available, consuming as much as 30 percent less power than comparable LED units from other manufacturers.

The IngeniLink™ Series incorporates American Bright’s patented SimpleDrive™ technology, which eliminates the need for external drivers that are the primary weakness of traditional lighting systems. By eliminating all external power supplies the IngeniLink™ Series not only takes up less space, its lightweight design is lower profile than the competition, yet still manages to increases over all system’s reliability.

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About American Bright Lighting Inc.

American Bright Lighting is an affiliate of American Bright Optoelectronics Corp, and benefits from American Bright Opto’s more than three decades of experience and expertise in LED solid state lighting application and manufacturing across many industries. American Bright Lighting is our response to an overwhelming market need in the general illumination field for the advancement of LED applications.

Recognized as a global leader, as early as 1999, American Bright’s Asian facilities have been awarded certification from ISO to meet all the leading edge standards including QS9000, TS16949 and the environmental standard ISO: 14001 which assures that the company is a good global citizen and responsibly tends to the needs the environment by minimizing their footprint and environmental impact in all their production facilities.

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