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American Bright Lighting releases Endutron™ freezer case lighting system with patented direct drive technology.

SimpleTube EnduronChino, California April 13, 2015 – American Bright Lighting, Inc. today announced its new patented, third-generation Endutron™ Series SimpleTube® LED display case fixtures capable of replacing inefficient fluorescent tubes in commercial freezer cases and display cases. American Bright's Endutron™ Series SimpleTube® represents the most versatile, modular solution for commercial cold case and retail display case lighting available on the market today. This innovative and Earth-friendly lighting solution outperforms the competition on all fronts: lower energy costs, higher quality light and virtually maintenance free.

The Endutron™ series is available in six modular lengths to accommodate most commercially standard display cases and provides a highly versatile platform for lighting layout and design. With a rating of IP65 the product is ideally suited to harsher environments where moisture and condensation may be present.

The Improved series offers up to 80% power savings over the commonly used fluorescent tube ballast combinations and, due to lower heat emissions, reduces strain and demand on refrigeration compressors and controls. The series is the industry’s most efficient, consuming as much as 50% less power than comparable LED units from other manufacturers. Additional benefits of the third-generation SimpleTube lamps are longer lifetimes, lower maintenance costs, comprehensive six-year warranty, and significantly better lumen maintenance over the service life.

The Endutron™ Series incorporates American Bright’s patented SimpleDrive® technology which eliminates the need for bulky external ballasts which are the primary weakness of traditional lighting systems.

Independent laboratory testing performed to LM79 industry standards confirms an efficacy of up to 75 lumens per watt. The total efficacy of the SimpleTube is nearly twice the efficacy of traditional lighting products commercially available for similar applications. SimpleTubes are UL listed, assuring compliance will internationally recognized safety standards, and they are offered in ANSI color bins. The color quality and consistency enhances product appearance and will not degrade appreciably over the 50,000+ hour projected life of the product.

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About American Bright Lighting Inc.

American Bright Lighting is an affiliate of American Bright Optoelectronics Corp, and benefits from American Bright Opto’s more than three decades of experience and expertise in LED solid state lighting application and manufacturing across many industries. American Bright Lighting is our response to an overwhelming market need in the general illumination field for the advancement of LED applications.

Recognized as a global leader, as early as 1999, American Bright’s Asian facilities have been awarded certification from ISO to meet all the leading edge standards including QS9000, TS16949 and the environmental standard ISO: 14001 which assures that the company is a good global citizen and responsibly tends to the needs the environment by minimizing their footprint and environmental impact in all their production facilities.

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