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Chino, Ca. June 2, 2014 – American Bright lighting offers its IngeniLEDTM LED lamp series for commercial and residential consumers. The initial product lineup includes A19, PAR20/30/38, MR16 bulbs and BR LED lamp, and are all designed to replace traditional incandescent, halogen, and CFL bulbs for commercial and residential lighting.

“These LED replacement lamps normally last 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs, can be used in any commercial and residential facilities but use up 85% less energy.” said George Lee, president and CEO, American Bright Lighting. “The lamps provide the same light distribution and quality as traditional residential bulbs, Unlike CFL and incandescent bulbs, LEDs are a type of solid state component, and they do not typically 'burned out' or fail. LED lighting can be more durable, versatile and long lasting when designed well” continued Lee.

A-19 Bulb: This LED-A bulb is designed to replace 40W or 60W standard incandescent lamps with wide viewing angle for general lighting. This replacement bulb is extremely economical and environmentally friendly, reduces energy consumption, no UV emissions and has instant on without flickering. It features: 

  • Power consumption 7W /10W
  • Voltage 120 VAC
  • Power factor > 0.9
  • Uniform light output
  • CCT 3000/ 5000 K
  • CRI > 80
  • Socket E26/E27
  • Warranty3 years

PAR 30 Bulb: LED reflector type lamp is designed to replace 60W traditional PAR lamps for general lighting.

Par 38 Bulb: LED reflector type lamp is designed to replace 75W or 100W traditional PAR lamps for general lighting. Features:

  • Power Consumption: 14W/17W
  • Input voltage:120 V
  • Beam angle: 25 degrees
  • CCT: 3,000K
  • CRI > 80
  • Socket: E26/E27
  • Uniform light distribution
  • Warranty 3 years

MR-16 LED Bulb: Designed to replace standard (40W) halogen MR-16 lamps with long life and low power operating packages. MR-16 LED bulbs are ideal for high maintenance applications where directional light sources are required. Features:

  • Power Consumption: 6W
  • Input Voltage: 120 V/12V
  • Viewing Angle: 25 degrees
  • CCT: 3000K
  • Socket: GU10/GU5.3
  • CRI: 80
  • No IR or UV
  • Warranty 3 years

BR LED Lamp: An extremely efficient light source offering long life and uniform light distribution. It can be used as direct replacement for standard incandescent and halogen light bulbs. Features:

  • Power Consumption: 8W/12 W/ 18W
  • Input Voltage: 120 V
  • CCT: 2700 K
  • CRI: 80
  • Beam angle: 110 degree
  • Socket: E26 / E27
  • Power Factor: 0.9
  • Warranty 3 years

American Bright Lighting’s LED bulbs are designed as a replacement for traditional residential bulbs while providing consumers with a reduction in energy costs and consumption without sacrificing quality of light.

According to the US Department of Energy, adoption of LED lighting over standard incandescent fixtures over the next 20 years will prevent 40 new power plants from being constructed, generate more than $265 billion in energy savings, and reduce lighting electricity demand by 33 percent in 2027.

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About American Bright Lighting Inc.

American Bright Lighting is an affiliate of American Bright Optoelectronics Corp, and benefits from American Bright Opto’s more than three decades of experience and expertise in LED solid state lighting application and manufacturing across many industries. American Bright Lighting is our response to an overwhelming market need in the general illumination field for the advancement of LED applications.

Recognized as a global leader, as early as 1999, American Bright’s Asian facilities have been awarded certification from ISO to meet all the leading edge standards including QS9000, TS16949 and the environmental standard ISO: 14001 which assures that the company is a good global citizen and responsibly tends to the needs the environment by minimizing their footprint and environmental impact in all their production facilities.

For more information or to receive a catalog, contact American Bright Lighting. 13815-C Magnolia Ave., Chino, CA 91710. Tel: (888) 533-0800. Website: