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ceoWhen American Bright Lighting was established in 2004 it was an extension of a vision first born in the 1990. The recognition that LED technology would revolutionize lighting has driven our development of expertise in LED. American Bright Lighting is our response to an overwhelming market need in the general illumination field for the advancement of LED applications.

Our strength is our agility and our approach to evolving our technology. We are not content to develop a product and be done. We are continuously refining the underlying technology that drives our products and improving our offering within each category. 

To ensure our readiness, management recognizes the need to expand our internal processes and systems. While at the same time our goal is to maintain an environment where cooperation, high energy and collaboration are an integral part of the culture. Our team looks at every challenge and every customer need with a “can-do” attitude.Thank you for your interest.

George Lee, CEO