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THE WORLDS MOST INNOVATIVE LED LIGHTING PRODUCTS AboutUs American Bright Lighting Inc. is a design and manufacturing entity focused on LED based lighting products for the commercial and residential general illumination markets. American Bright Lighting is an affiliate of American Bright Optoelectronics Corp and benefits from American Bright Optos more than two decades of experience and expertise in LED solid-state lighting application and manufacturing across many industries. American Bright Lighting is our response to an overwhelming market need in the general illumination field for the advancement of LED applications. American Bright Lighting provides outstanding value and service in key niche applications where energy efficiency is paramount. LED lighting products like American Bright Lightings Patented USPTO 7859196 USPTO 7977892 USPTO 8258720 SimpleTube freezer case light system revolutionize how retailers are viewing refrigerated display case lighting by offering up to 70 energy savings. American Bright also has an outstanding reputation as a developmental and manufacturing partner of OEM lighting fixture companies. Our in-house engineering expertise and sourcing connections offer OEM customers the ability to enter and stand-out in the solid-state lighting arena with lower investment and greater profitability. AmericanBrightLightingupholdsaphilosophyofcaringandcommitment to our customers. With a constant focus on product quality and superior customer service we offer reliable high quality products for the solid- state lighting market. ab-lighting.com1 2 Content 3 SimpleTube Freezer-Case Lighting SimpleTube STT SimpleTube SlimmTM 21 IngeniTube T8 Linear Replacement Lamp 17 IngeniLinkTM AC LED Direct Wire Under Cabinet Light Bar 9 IngeniLED E1 - Series A-19 Candle BR PAR MR16 25 Commercial Retrofit Downlight 26 Commercial High Bay 27 Troffer Interior Ambient Lighting 16 Down Light LED Retrofit Kit 29 Vapor Tight Parking Garage Fixture ab-lighting.com3 SimpleTube SimpleTube Freezer-Case Under Cabinet Lighting 4 SimpleTube SimpleTube represents the state-of the art lighting solution for refrigerated and freezer display case. This innovated and environmentally friendly product not only outperforms traditional fluorescent lighting solutions but also lowers utility bills and eliminated maintenance concerns. SimpleTube is available in a wide range of color temperatures and lengths to meet the needs of all existing and future display cases and it has no external bulky driver or ballast to contend with. FEATURES Uniform light distribution and high CRI for attractive display Operate very efficiently at low temperature Produce less heat to reduce cooling cost Eco-friendly with lower energy consumption 6 year comprehensive warranty APPLICATION Freezer case lighting Under cabinet lighting ab-lighting.com5 SimpleTube STT SimpleTube STT SPECIFICATION Length in Wattage Lumens Efficacy lmW 48 17 1033 60 60 22 1385 61 68 27 1700 63 6 SimpleTube STT LIGHT DISTRIBUTION ENERGY SAVING COMPARISON CHART Center Unit End Unit SimpleTube SLIMM Freezer-Case Under Cabinet Lighting ab-lighting.com7 SimpleTube SLIMMTM FEATURES Patented SimpleDrive technology for direct AC connection No external driver easy installation and maintenance Custom optical design offers better versatility in various applications Uniform light distribution and high CRI for attractive display Lighter weight and slimmer design 6 year comprehensive warranty APPLICATION Horizontal freezer case lighting Vertical Freezer case lighting Walk-in cooler lighting Display shelf lighting SPECIFICATION Length in Wattage Lumens Efficacy lmW CCT Options CRI Power Factor 16 4 300 75 3000K4000K5000K 85 0.97 26 8 600 37 12 900 48 16 1200 60 20 1500 68 24 1800 8 SimpleTube SLIMMTM ab-lighting.com9 IngeniLED Replacement Lamp for Commercial Residential 10 IngeniLED IngeniLED is a series of LED replacement lamps designed for commercial and residential lightings. They have the aesthetic and practical qualities of conventional lamps as well as being more energy efficient and having long life spans. With LED technology there is no hazardous material or UV emission and help protect the environment by reducing the total carbon footprint. LIGHTING BEYOND ILLUMINATION A-19E1-Series FEATURES Omnidirectional light output E26E27 socket 120V input CRI 80 3 years warranty SPECIFICATION Wattage Lumens Efficacy lmW Beam Angle Dimmable 7 450 70 300 Yes No 9 800 90 SimpleTube STTSlimm ab-lighting.com11 IngeniLED E1-Series CANDLEE1-Series FEATURES Radiate a clear white light that features a brilliant sparkle effect Provide consistent color from every angle E12 socket 120V input CRI 80 3 years warranty SPECIFICATION Wattage Lumens Efficacy lmW Beam Angle Dimmable 5 325 65 90 Yes 12 IngeniLED E1-Series SimpleTube STTSlimm BRE1-Series ab-lighting.com13 IngeniLED E1-Series FEATURES BR lens conceals LEDs from view and evenly distributes light E26E27 socket 120V input CRI 80 3 years warranty SPECIFICATION Model Wattage Lumens Efficacy lmW Beam Angle Dimmable BR20 7 500 70 120 YesBR30 11 750 70 BR40 17 1400 82 BR20 BR30 BR40 PARE1-Series 14 IngeniLED E1-Series FEATURES Narrow beam angle for precise light projection E26E27 socket 120V input CRI 80 3 years warranty SPECIFICATION Model Wattage Lumens Efficacy lmW Beam Angle Dimmable PAR20 7 470 70 40 YesPAR30 12 850 PAR40 15 1050 PAR20 PAR30 PAR38 SimpleTube STTSlimm MR16E1-Series ab-lighting.com15 IngeniLED E1-Series FEATURES Suitable for accent architectural hospitality and recessed lighting CRI 80 3 years warranty GU5.3 socket with 12V input GU10 socket with 120V input SPECIFICATION Model Wattage Lumens Efficacy lmW Beam Angle Dimmable GU5.3 7 400 60 80 No GU10 7 450 65 80 Yes GU10 GU5.3 16 DownLight Down LightLED Retrofit Kit The recessed down light modules deliver exceptional light for commercial and residential buildings. Perfect for retrofit applications with E26 sockets. FEATURES Up to 85 energy saving Suitable for wet location Easy installation APPLICATION Replacement for downlight applications of compact fluorescent lamps SPECIFICATION Model in Wattage Lumens Efficacy lmW Dimmable 4 12 850 70 Yes 6 18 1200 ab-lighting.com17 IngeniLinkTM IngeniLinkTM AC LED Under Cabinet Luminaire 18 IngeniLinkTM IngeniLinkTM under cabinet light bar delivers high tech LED lighting at a great value. Available in 3000K4000K color temperatures and three length options. Powered by patented SimpleDrive technology for direct 120VAC connection. Dimmable when combined with a wide range of LED Dimming Switches. ab-lighting.com19 IngeniLinkTM IngeniLinkTM PACKAGE INCLUDES Luminaire Mounting hardware 6 power plug 28 jump linking cord FEATURES 120VAC direct input with SimpleDrive technology Consume 80 less energy Hardwired and plug-in powered Easy linking with supplied 28 jumper connector Full dimming function 5 years comprehensive warranty APPLICATION Under cabinet lighting for kitchen home office studio and retail store 20 IngeniLinkTM INSTALLATION SPECIFICATION Length in Wattage Lumens Efficacy lmW Beam Angle Dimmable 12 6 540 90 120 Yes18 9 810 24 12 1080 Easy mounting with metal brackets and strews Supplied 28 jumper cord for simple fixture-to-fixture connection ab-lighting.com21 IngenTube IngeniTube Linear T8 Direct Replacement Lamp 22 IngenTube IngeniTube direct replacement linear fixture is an easy way to replace existing four footer T8 fluorescent lamps. No wiring change required which helps reduce labor and maintenance cost. This T8 lamp has been tested with various ballasts on the market for compatibility and it also provides ideal lighting level with much lower energy consumption. ab-lighting.com23 IngenTube IngeniTube FEATURES Compatible with most ballasts Easy plug and play for fluorescent T8 replacement Dual modes internal driver retrofit and replacement 120-277V universal voltage input APPLICATION Replacement for fluorescent T8 applications SPECIFICATION Length in Wattage Lumens Efficacy lmW Lens Option 48 20 2000 100 Frosted Clear 24 IngenTube IngeniTube G Series FEATURES Full glass housing for 220 uniform light distribution Emergency model is compatible with T8 emergency ballast Dual modes internal Driver Retrofit and Replacement Compatible with instant start rapid start programmed start and dimmable electronic ballasts Shatter-Proof coating is available with NSF certification APPLICATION Replacement for fluorescent T8 applications SPECIFICATION Length in Wattage Lumens Efficacy lmW Beam Angle 24 9 1150 128 220 36 11 1450 132 48 12 1800 150 48 14 1800 130 48 17 2200 130 96 28 3500 125 4 inch SimpleTube STTSlimm Commercial Retrofit Downlight ab-lighting.com25 CommercialRetrofit Downlight FEATURES Excellent glare control and uniform light Steady performance and long lifespan Input voltage 100-277V AC 5 years warranty 0-10V Dimming Mounting Recessed SPECIFICATION Model in Wattage Lumens Efficacy lmW Beam Angle 4 27 2020 75 40 6 27 1904 70 6 inch 26 Commercial HighBay Commercial High Bay Designed for specific light patterns for high bay lighting for warehouses storage maintenance and assembly areas recreation center hangar and dock areas or more. Our LED lighting luminaires provide industrial and commercial lighting that helps improve safety and energy efficiency while enhancing productivity. FEATURES Energy-efficientinteriorexteriorlightingforindustrialand commercialapplications. Options of transparent acrylic and aluminum housing. Beam angle options 4590120 Input voltage 100-277V AC 5 years warranty SPECIFICATION Wattage Lumens Efficacy lmW Dimmable 80 7200 90 Yes No150 13600 90 200 17000 85 ab-lighting.com27 Troffer Troffer Interior Ambient Lighting 28 Troffer FEATURES Low profile single drop basket diffuser covers provide smooth even light Wide voltage and constant current design with high power factor Dimmable with 0-10V signal APPLICATION Office lighting Public area lighting General indoor lighting SPECIFICATION Model Wattage Lumens Efficacy lmW Dimmable 2 x 2 25 2450 98 Yes No 2 x 4 50 4850 Ideal one-for-one replacement of conventional lighting systems in drop in ceiling application for both new and retrofit construction including office Libraries and other indoor spaces. State of the art design eliminates hot spots and offers all the benefits of solid state lighting technology. ab-lighting.com29 VaporTight Vapor Tight Parking Garage Fixture 30 VaporTight Engineered for powerful lighting in a watertight enclosure used in high traffic installations the IP65-rated LED Vapor Tight Linear Fixtures are designed to replace fluorescent strip lights for use in parking garage airports tunnels storage facilities and stairwell lighting. FEATURES Housed in 100 UV stabilized polycarbonate silicon perimeter gasket With stainless steel brackets for mounting. Crystal integrated opal polycarbonate diffuser delivers uniform light distribution while eliminates glare. Model with occupancy sensor available upon request APPLICATION Parking garage and warehouse Cold storage and food processing facility General outdoor lighting SPECIFICATION Wattage Lumens Efficacy lmW Dimmable 25 2450 98 Yes No 60 4850 American Bright Lighting Inc. 13815-C Magnolia Ave. Chino California 91710 Tel 866.533.5588 Fax 909.628.5006 Website